Policies & State Issues | Pulaski County District 38 | Chase Mangiapane for Arkansas State Representative

Issues & Policies

Health Care

I believe that every Arkansan deserves access to quality and affordable healthcare. In my professional career I am constantly reminded how important it is for everyone to have access to healthcare and the devastating consequences facing people who cannot afford the medical treatment they need. Unfortunately, the current administration is working to cut access to Medicaid and the Medicaid expansion by creating more and more barriers, and that is unacceptable. I will work to create and support policies that strengthen Medicaid for those who are most vulnerable and I will fight to provide more Arkansans access to quality, affordable healthcare.


I firmly believe that the best investment we can make in our future is educating our youth and making sure all Arkansans have access to quality public education that prepares them for the careers of today and tomorrow. I grew up in the public education system of Arkansas and I owe my success today to my that education system. My goal is to make sure that future generations of Arkansans will have the same opportunity to succeed through education. I will work to help Arkansas create a quality pre-kindergarten education program, to empower and support our teachers so that they have the tools they need to help our children succeed, and to create policies that help ensure students are not incurring massive debt to obtain a quality education.

Economic Development and Opportunity

I believe that we can do better to create an environment that attracts economic development and helps small businesses succeed. I also believe that we should be doing more to make sure that every Arkansan has access to better job opportunities. I will work to promote policies that attract economic development, support small businesses, and fight for higher pay for the workers of Arkansas and equal pay for women.